Generate a pdf of a page and save it locally via a button

Hey everyone!

First time post here, apologies if someone has asked this in the past.

I’m trying to work out if I can create a page based on certain properties from a table and then save it as a pdf via a button. (this is to create a purchase order that can be shared with a finance team + supplier).

I’m able to generate a page and email it directly to a person but ideally need a pdf version too for an audit trail.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

You can save Coda pages as a pdf, but you cannot do this with a button action.

The generation and saving of the pdf must be done manually

If you want larger scale automation of pdf creation referencing your Coda data, the documint pack is your best bet

Hey Scott!

Thanks for clarifying! I’ll think of a work around for now in the hope that a PDF is no longer needed and presenting the content in an email will work for my use case.

Documint looks great though, will keep this in mind for larger Docs in the future.

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