Counting Formula based on Two Criteria

I cannot get a “Count if” formula to work. More clear explanation in screenshot below but I will try and summarize it here as well.

I want to count the “Yes” in a column if that row also contains a specific email. But I also don’t want that count to be in a table, just in text (as you will see on screenshot).

Screenshot of what I have tried so far in terms of formulas is below:

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You only need one and.

Try swapping the AND in capitals with a comma.

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Im still getting zero: Current formula im trying is

[All Students Master].[TRI This Year?].CountIf(And([All Students Master].[CM Email]=“”,[All Students Master].[TRI This Year?]=“Yes”))

You could also do filter on table [All studens master].filter(CmEmail = "" and TriThisYear="Yes").count

Also, i see that you are trying to create a summary on top - you could create another view with cm email setup as a group to see only count - that way you would not have to write formula for every new cm email.


THat worked @Krunal_Sheth! Thank you for the tips