Counting repeated duration

Hi everyone, I’m new in Coda and I’m still not very good with the functions. Let’s see if someone can help me.

In my table I have days in and days out, and I subtracted that to know the duration.

I want to know how many times the duration is repeated. For example: 3 times there has been a duration of 6 days.

I have tried to solve it with this post: Trying to count occurrences - #7 by Per_Bonomi. But I didn’t succeed


Hey there!

Welcome to Coda! When building formulas with Coda, they have included “formula chips” which help you as you write. Formula chips include the data-type in the colored chip itself to help you know when you are attempting to compare data types that are not similar.

So here in your example you are trying to compare two different data-types (Duration and Row Value)

Re-write your formula like this:

Now notice how my two data chips are comparing similar data-types and it returns with the result Im after!

Hopefully that helps! Reach out for more help if you need


Wooow! Thank you very much, you are amazing.

Sorry for the noob questions hahahaha