Cannot compare durations. How is this even possible? Is it a bug in Coda?

I have a table with two columns, both ‘durations’.
In a third column I use a formula with an IF statement to see what duration is longer.
Only the third row is recalculated correctly when I change the duration in the ‘frequency’ column.
How is that even possible?

Dear @Koen73,

From my mobile:

I am not able to play around with it, but I think you will need to use absoluteValue() for your columns to be able to get values that are comparable and in this way your if statements should become correct.

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Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets ! That works!

What is it that absolutevalue() does with a duration?

Hi @Koen73,

As the name already suggests it makes from the values an absolute. These values are comparable and therefore your formula will work

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