Time-based formulas randomly stop working

I have a column with a formula that basically says “if Now() is between these times, then switch the toggle to true()

No issues with it, it mostly works as intended.

The problem is that sometimes, even though Now() is between the times I specify, the toggle is off. What I do then is I “edit” the formula, without actually editing anything (I just add or remove a space) and click enter, and then it works again! :slight_smile:

Which means that the formula “freezes” in the background and needs me to edit it to start working again.

Click here for a quick screen recording that demonstrates the issue.

This should not be happening! I can’t rely on the time-based formulas I’ve made.
Is the Coda team aware of this? When can we expect a fix?

Have seen similar posts recently. It seems they’ve changed how the recalculations trigger without telling us :frowning:

Understandably it’s hard for them to find a nice balance

@Anna_F I’m taking a look at the issue reported above. The experiment mentioned by @Rickard_Abraham has been disabled, so please let me know if that fixes the problem you’re seeing.

@Rickard_Abraham Thank you for your understanding. We’re constantly trying to find ways to improve Coda’s performance (without affecting the functionality), and sometimes the road is bumpy.

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