Counting the matches from selectable options

Hi, all,

it probably would be easier to show by inserting the Coda tables here, but I can not seem to find a way to do that, so I will try to convey my issue through screenshots.

Lets assume I have two tables, Mother table and Daughter table:


Mother table populates the Column 3`s selectable options by formula:

[Daughter table].Filter(Received >=1)

Now, I want (nay, need) to populate the Daugther table’s column applied by counting how many of each Article is selected in the Mother table`s column 3, so desired effect should look like this:


I tried match, lookup and various ifblank variations, but can`t seem to find the working solution.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated beyond belief!


Try this: [Mother table].Filter([Column 3]=thisRow).Count()


Yep… like this (too slow!)


Thank you @Nick_Milner and @Ander ! It does indeed work! Very grateful!

However, it seems that if I allow for multiple selections in Column 3 (and it might come up in near future), counting goes a little off…

Ok, try again now. :wink:

It works as a charm! Thank you again for the help! Marking this as solved, what a fantastic community!