Crazy formula glitch - solve the mystery?

Ok, coda support is on this but maybe we are all missing something. It has been filed as a bug.

Here’s a quick video that shows the document and all the numbers.

Crazy bug or are we doing something wrong?

Thank you!

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Hey @Hope_Lawrence1 , this is not a bug necessarily, just a quirk about how Coda works with rounded numbers :grinning:. In the table where you get the WeightedAverageSum of $5.34, that number happens to be rounded to two decimal places. When Coda does the division of RevenueGoal by WeightedAverageSum, it’s using all the decimal places for RevenueGoal/WeightedAverageSum which is $5.3355. That’s the reason why the result is $37,484. If you round the WeightedAverageSum to two decimal places in your formula like this:

=RevenueGoal / Round(WeightedAverageSum, 2)

it will give you $37,453. I’d say technically $37,484 is more accurate since it’s using the full decimal places of the weighted average price, but up to you depending on how you do your reporting!


Holy smokes. Thank you SO MUCH @Al_Chen_Coda. Solved. Thank you.

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