Create Google Calendar events with notification

Hello !
Is it possible to add notifications to Google Calendar events ?
I would like to create reminders in Coda without sending myself emails all the time.

Hey Antoine!

Any event you create with Google Calendar Pack will use the default reminder settings you have setup for that calendar (e.g. 10 minutes before by pop-up) . If you don’t want to use your main calendar’s reminder setting, one option is to create another google calendar, and change the default reminder setting to what you would like, and then add your events to that calendar using the Google Calendar Pack.

Let me know if that would work for you!

cc @Josiah_Krutz

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Is this a limitation from google’s API or from Coda? Wondering if it is worth making a pack to shim this functionality.

Edit: seems to be a limitation from Coda as Google Calendar API supports including reminders at the creation time of an event: Events  |  Calendar API  |  Google Developers

I have since made a pack to enable this functionality, see this post Google Calendar Notifications: A pack to set and check notifications for Google Calendar events