Send Google calendar email invitations?

With the Google Calendar pack, is there a way to send an email calendar invitation to attendees on top of creating the meeting itself?

I noticed that the CreateEvent action creates the meeting in my calendar and in the calendars of the attendees, but the invited attendees don’t get any sort of email notification.

Hi @Cherrie_Lam,

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There isn’t an option to have the standard email invite sent from Google Calendar, but you can use the Gmail Pack with this to create your own invite to send. I created a template here that will both create the event and send the invite. The green button just pushes the other two so you can make this a quick process.


Oh I see, thank you @BenLee! (As an aside, I have used your Coda HTML Email Builder and found it super helpful :slight_smile: )

Do you know if in Gmail this tends to pull up the Calendar event itself (with the calendar details & yes / no / maybe options?) — I’ve seen this sometimes happen in other emails when Gmail is smart and can figure out that you’re talking about a specific calendar event?

And is it possible in Coda to create events that allow guests to modify details? Right now it is set as default where guests’ changes are only reflected in their calendar and does not actually modify the event itself.

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I’m glad to hear the Email Builder helped out!

I don’t know of a way to allow guests to modify details for the group. I’ll keep an eye out, but I don’t think it’s possible.

When an event is created, a URL is sent back to you Coda table which can be used to view the event. I haven’t tried it yet, but adding this URL to the email might prompt Google’s reader to unfurl it. In the template above, the column is “Event Reference URL”.