Google Calendar Events and Gmail Invites

I took some time to do a deep dive into our Google Calendar Pack after being asked some questions about event and meeting management. Being able to send a custom invite email, add attendees after creating the event, and managing RSVP lists were all requirements for a full featured solution.

This solution is a single table, but I split like items into views to better show each function.

Feedback is always welcome!


Hi, I am experiencing a strange behaviour in the CreateEvent formula of Google Calendar Pack.
I have set up a button that pulls all the data needed from the related table and it correctly creates the event for in my Google Calendar. The problem is that even if i use the right email address of the attendees the invite for the first creation of the event mail/notification isn’t recieved by the recipient. If I delete or update the event the mail notification is correctly sent the the invitees. Also the Event table pack event if i sync it doesn’t pull correctly the events from my google calendar. Any suggestion?

Hi @GiacomoPasini,

Are you talking about the Gmail Invite that is set up with the Gmail Pack in this template or are you referring to a Google Calendar generated email? I don’t believe the pack will trigger an invite email from Google Calendar.

I am talking about the Gmail Invite. I have the event in my calendar but i have tried to add as invitee my wife and she doesn’t recieve the invite. She only recieve update/delete events in notification. I pull the mail address from my google contacts pack table. Also when i use the Google Calendar pack with the Event table that should sync with my google calendar it doesn’t pull any event even if it’s in my calendar.

If you want to write into Coda Support, you can ask them to route the ticket to me and I can check out your doc there.

One thing that is worth checking is the “Emailed Invite” column and making sure it’s empty if you’re trying to create an event on that row again. If someone is listed in that column, they won’t get an email again. This logs who has already received an email so you can add people after and not bombard the first ones repeated emails.

Thank you Ben. Where do I find the Coda support? Please notice that to create the event in gCal I use a button with the formula AddEvent. I would really appreciate your help in solving this issue.

You can click on the “?” icon at the bottom right of any Coda doc or Coda account page. That will start a conversation with our Support Team.