Create Random List

Hello! So I’m creating flash cards and what I am trying to do is when a user selects a week from one section, it will return the words for that week in a random order. I’ve done some searching and found that there is a Random() formula, but I’m not getting how I can translate that to update the table? Also, is the random formula only with numbers between 0 and 1? Or can you do a list of numbers 1-15? Thanks for any help!

Hi there! First you create a column with a random number. You can simply apply a sort to that column with the random number.
If you want a random number between a certain range you just can multiply the random number by the greatest value you want and then round the number up.

Thanks a lot @Saul_MIND_Garcia! This has been very helpful and I’ve already made a lot of progress. One thing I seem to be stuck on, what did you do to get the “Current”, “Previous”, and “Next” down there at the bottom? It doesn’t look like a usual table (no name, headers or anything), but it IS a table?!

Yes, it is a table. To hide the title and headers just click here and you will find the toggles to do it

And to get a single row of a table you start with @ and then select the row you want to reference.
So to get the ‘Current’ value of the table I write:

So I have been working on this doc off and on and have come along quite well. I’m trying to build the “flash cards” right now and have run into an issue. On the flash card I want to show up at the top the week that that word was given. It is currently documented in the table and would be in the same row of the word. I have attached a copy of my document so users can see where I’m at and what I’m doing. You’ll see that it is based very closely to what @Saul_MIND_Garcia wrote earlier.

Hello Chad!
First you have to name your formula. For example ‘Random Word’.
Now we can reference this Random Word to get a value out of it.
You start by referencing the formula [Random Word] but because this is just a formula and we need a row you have to add .value to get the row
[Random Word].Value
Now that you have the actual row just select the column you want, in this case the week of
[Random Word].Value.[Week of]
You will get a date value, to get the week number just add WeekNumber() at the end.
[Random Word].Value.[Week of].WeekNumber()