Creating a notification for a timer

I have a document that has a timer that is reset whenever a button is pressed for either 1 minute or 2 minutes, when the timer ends I want to be notified as part of a workout app where the in built timer is to time between sets.

I have a button that notifies me through coda and a timer that works but I want to be able to press that notification button via a formula when the timer ends which I cant seem to do. The automations function doesn’t work for this in any iteration I’ve tried.

Also is there any way to get the notification to make a sound either through coda or through some pack or extension?

Thank you!

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HI Callum,

This doc shows how to use a button to trigger a soundwave.

I have started simplifying the doc, but not quite done yet.


I would absolutely love for this functionality, too! I have a coffee timer and it gets kind of annoying to keep looking up at the screen while also monitoring my pouring- a little “ding” would go a long way.

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