[Request] Table that contains four timers, to run consecutively?

Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone has ideas for a table with four timers (or more), which, after entering times using sliders, will play automatically when the start button is clicked. The below are the specs.

_Unique sound to indicate that the next session is going to start in 2 minutes
_Unique sound to indicate that current session is going to end in 2 minutes
_Special sound to indicate the end of the four sessions in full (all four timers in a table are complete)
_Need to have option to copy-paste this table so it can be used as its own as separate timing sequence, with each slider to be a new value
_Need to have a start/pause button that will stop that whole sequence at any time.

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Any help is great appreciated, as I am not familiar with Coda formulas…thanks so much


Sharing a doc that you have in progress would probably help

Also, I’m not sure how to do sounds in coda, or if it’s even possible—if you could find web pages that have sounds you like, then maybe you could open those automatically when the timer goes off

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Dear @Peter,

This doc might be a source of inspiration.


Credits @Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt

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Thanks for the input and suggestions mates.
Quick question, might anyone know if there are freelancers who we can pay to do a wee bit of programming for this kind of timer in a coda doc???