Add a timer so that when it is stopped another timer starts?


I am looking to time the individual parts of each meeting. So I need to have 5 mins at the start for headlines and then move on. I need to time both the time spent on a section for example 5 mins at the start, but also keep track of the 60 mins we have allocated for the meeting overall. Any ideas if this is possible in Coda?



Hi @Adrian_McDonagh :slight_smile:
Is possible to use 2 timers? :slight_smile:

Dear @Adrian_McDonagh,

Did you check this post from @Paul_Danyliuk

Hi there @Adrian_McDonagh :blush: !

I don’t have an all-done answer/solution but using the “Timer Drag-n-Drop Template” as an inspiration, I came up with a lead (I don’t have the time to do more right now :confused: ) which won’t probably satisfy all your needs but might give you ideas :blush: .

Note that if you want a more complete timer (A start/pause/stop timer), the post @Jean_Pierre_Traets shared could be very interesting :blush:.

I hope this helps a little :blush: