Clockify Pack [Beta Users]

Hey there!

The pack for Coda is almost ready! If you are interested in Beta testing, shoot me a message or let me know here!


Hand raised super fast :smile:

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Great! Question:

  • do you have multiple workspaces
  • would you want to start/stop a timer in Coda to record a time entry, or record the time interval on your own and then just input stop/start time?
  • Also generally, what would you want to do with the pack?

I do use multiple work spaces and have actually been looking for a way to allocate time to specific projects. I struggle to be able to say I spend most of my time working on x or I’ve devoted x amount of time to y etc. A start stop timer would be best for me so I could focus on that project and I think it’s possible it would allow me to be more disciplined at working longer.


Yep me love Clockify! would love to help test

Great! DM me your email and I’ll share the Pack

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