Creating a Summary table from two sources with repeated entries

Hello everyone,

I’ll do my best to explain what I’m trying to achieve.
I have two tables:

  • Task table: Includes a list of unique tasks carried out for my project
  • Time log table: This includes time log entries for each of the unique tasks. There can be multiple time log entries for a single task, each with its own unique time stamp.

What I want to do is create a summary table that lets me know how much time was spent per task, on a given month, without showing the detail of the time logs.

I’ve created this document with a basic example of how the data is setup and the expected result as a Summary Table.

Any help or ways to this differently are greatly appreciated!

Hi Mauricio,

Here is a revised version of your table, along with some explanation of each change that I made in order to link up the tables and view. Hopefully this is close to doing what you want.


Hello Jason,

Thank you for your reply!
Could you give me access to the doc so I can review the solution?

Sorry, I thought I’d published it publicly! I’ve added you directly so you should have access now.