Creating Apps in Coda


I’ve really enjoyed working with Coda, and am excited to see the direction it goes in the coming years. On that topic, I was curious if there is a high level overview of the roadmap for Coda to make apps (internal business apps, web apps, etc - using the term very broadly).

For example, will Coda eventually have features that make it akin to a low code app creation platform like Bubble? Or will it primarily stay as spreadsheet-doc-database alternative with some app-like features (e.g. buttons, which are awesome)?


@Joseph_B great question! Coda’s guiding north star is helping people make “docs as powerful as an app”, so everything we do is focused on delivering on that thesis.

That being said, there are some really cool features in the works that will make Coda feel even more app-like in the coming months. It’s still a little early to talk about specific features, but stay tuned! We’re very excited for what’s coming and think you will be too :+1:


Thanks for response. Looking forward to see what’s next.


@Joseph_B in regards to your question, I think you would really enjoy this…

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Thanks, but sadly I’ll be traveling and unable to attend the live meeting.


Hopeful the webinar will be recorded and made available for the ones not able to attend.

@justin, please can you check with the team if it will be possible to record today’s webinar?

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