Cross-doc add row not working in private folder


I’ve got a private folder and a public folder in the same workspace. The workspace is on the teams plan.

If I set up two docs in the same public folder I can get the cross-doc add row functionality to work. If I have exactly the same set up (two documents) but now both are in the private folder I get a “Cross-doc error You don’t have permissions to take this action in Cross-doc” error when I try to add a row.

I have enabled the “take action and view data” setting

I can’t find any documentation or ask the community posts on this. Has anyone encountered the same issue? Have I missed something about permissions?


Update: After more investigation I found the error wasn’t with folder permissions. It appears you can’t perform row actions on a cross doc that is a view, it can only be performed if the cross doc is is the original table. As a workaround I’ve created a second table (which would normally be a view) and then a button to import that table into the full table.

How have others gotten around/solved this problem?

For context, we have an End of Month (EOM) doc that generates our monthly client invoices in a private folder. The invoices are based on our consultant time sheets and expenses which is collected in the consultant doc in the team folder.

It’s important that the consultants can only add their time and expenses without seeing other consultant rates which is why I was using a filtered view of the table from EOM to cross doc into the consultant doc. It’s also important that there is a single source of truth e.g. consultants can’t change their time/expenses after the client is invoiced. Adding a row to a cross doc allows consultants to see all of this but not edit it.

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Hey Alex! :smiley:

Have you checked this community post out?:

It has some pretty awesome and detailed instructions on how to set up a button to take actions in another doc via cross-doc, and I think might help you out with this. Check it out and let us know if you have any further questions on getting this working!


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Thanks Nicole, I searched for everything cross-doc and managed to miss this resource.

Haha, no sweat, Alex, I’ve totally been there! I had this particular resource bookmarked so it was a bit easier for me to find :laughing: Glad I was able to surface this for you :+1:

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