Relating Tables (Cross Doc?) and Maintaining Privacy

I’ve tried searching for a solution but cannot find anything super specific to my use case.

Use Case: We have a Operations Team table that has all of our collective “action items” (aka tasks). This is a typical table design including person assignments to tasks, due dates etc. We also have another table of meetings - in particular 1 on 1’s. This table would have a meeting date, and notes within which we would complete our async and sync write ups.

Issue: There are two challenges which I’d like to resolve and which I do not think are possible with cross doc. 1. I want to have a view of the first table - “action items” - within the notes of one of the meetings and I’d like to be able to add NEW action items from within that meeting. 2. I want to keep other users (who are not authorized) from being able to link into the content of the meeting from the action items table.

Example: Bob, Mary, and Jose are on the operations team. Mary and Bob have private one on one’s which are kept in a separate table. During this meeting, they discuss private topics as well as topics relating to the Action Items (the other table that Jose also has access to). During the meeting they may add new Action Items (ideally from within their 1 on 1 meeting entry. Jose should not be able to funnel into the 1 on 1 meeting from the Action Items table since that meeting is private and he should have no access to it.

Optional: Is it possible to add row by row access/permissions to a table? For example, a comprehensive table of 1 on 1’s across an organization where only the participants of a specific 1 on 1 can access its actual contents/notes?

I’m coming from Notion and this currently isn’t possible. The relation between tables creates total access. I have heard that this is possible though in Asana.


Hi Carlos,

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The general answer to your topic is that if somebody has access to a doc, they have access to ALL of the doc.

No, this is not currently possible.
For every unique meeting, you will need a unique document.

I have not built the following yet, but it might help you. It will be cumbersome though :
Each “1-1 Meeting” has its own doc.
Each meeting sends its action items using cross doc to a central, public document.
In the public document, all the action items from each private meeting is collated, together with the public action items.

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Hi Carlos and Piet,

I’m very new to Coda, but I have the same or very similar questions!

Piet, in your case, in the public document combined table, would you be able to make the private action items from the “1-1 Meeting” doc only accessible to Bob and Mary but not to Jose? (Also, I presume each “1-1 Meeting” could actually be combined in a single doc, and wouldn’t have to be separate docs.)

Isn’t one solution to Carlos’s original question to have one combined table (private + public) in a doc that’s accessible only to Bob and Mary, and to use cross doc to have a subset of that table (only the public rows) in a separate doc that’s used by all 3 of them? The problem is that it’s not a true 2-way sync.

Or is it possible to have one parent table of the public items in a public doc, one parent table of the private items in a private doc, then aggregate them using cross doc into a master table in a private doc?


Hi Cindy,

Welcome to Coda!

The basic rule is that when a person has access to a doc, they have access to all of the doc.

Yes, all 1:1 meetings between one pair of people can be held in the same doc. E.g. Bob and Mary. But 1:1 meetings between say Jose and Mary would need to be in their own doc.

If their is only one 1:1 meeting in the environment, then yes, you can have the action item table in that doc, and cross/ webhook the action items to another doc. This would be the simplest solution.

My proposal for Carlos was a generalised solution where there are multiple 1:1 meeting pairs, which need to be consolidated into a single work list.


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