Cross-Doc: How to use the Update Section Action

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In the FAQ Documentation the cross-doc Update Section action is not described. So I was wondering what the section URL is in that context and how I can get it?
The Row Url of the Modify Row action can easily be acquired by Row.RowUrl().

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Ditto to this question. I attempted to use the URL for a Page in the linked doc, as I think Pages used to be called Sections. In any event, it didn’t appear to do anything but throw an error. Curious as to its function if it’s new.

I was able to get the correct URLs and get it working but it looks like you can currently only update the section name, icon, and subtitle. I wonder if this feature hasn’t been officially released yet, so there is no documentation.

I got the URL by @ referencing the page on the page and then right-clicking and copying URL. You can do the same for the doc by referencing “thisdocument” and exposing the .URL()

Wow, nice. I’ll try that! Although yeah if it’s got those limitations it’s not of much use. Very curious if it’s something new. (Hopefully it isn’t something that was half built and then back burnered)

Coda is always moving quick with updates and you caught us in the middle of two things happening at once.

First, good news is our API is getting an update and this will address the Sections → Pages issue.

Second, this feature in Cross-doc is getting updated in the next weeks to use the new version of the API so it’ll soon be “Page” and not “Section” as well. For now, putting your cursor anywhere outside of a table on the canvas should give you the relevant URL to use. You can update the title, subtitle, and the icon. The icon is a little tricky and involves getting the filename. From the page icon chooser, you can right click on an icon there and “Open image in new tab”, then pull the filename, just the name not the file extension.

If you’re using this now, keep an eye out for the change and revisit these settings when they hit. There will be a grace period before it’s deprecated, but good to make the change when it pops up.

Thank you for the solution!

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