CrossDoc: Addrow with List or Array

I’m having trouble sending a list via Crossdoc. In my example the sending doc (bottom) has the lookup table from the receiving doc (top) crossdoc’d in, so both docs have the requisite tables. The Crossdoc button is setup and sending the row:
coda problem
In this example, you can see the columns List, Frequency, Assign are all list/arrays. In the receiving (top) doc you can see it expects an array value for those fields. They instead come as strings.

@BenLee hey do you have any guidance here? passing lists through CrossDoc seems like something that ‘should’ work - is this the expected outcome here? thank you :pray:

It’s tough to tell from the screenshots, but it looks like this is happening from there not being two way sync in cross-doc yet. I think you’ll need to write this as a button in the source doc and then push that button from the sync doc for it to pick up the table values.

Lets say you have Table 1 and Table 2 and they are both in Doc A. You want to sync those tables over to Doc B to use them. When you cross-doc them over, it’s really the same as copy/pasting the data over to the new doc. So you really have two new tables in Doc B and when they sync, this is really just copy the data over at that point. And the tables in Doc A don’t know there are the same connections in the other doc.

I wouldn’t expect this setup to work and for the values to stay connected. But again, if there is a button in the original doc that sets the values in the tables, it would work.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any architecture where I can get a list to pass through cross doc?

I have a parent to-do list doc A. Each to-do is on a list (Admin, Finance, etc). The tasks and list tables are in A. I have a child doc B where I want to be able to create a to-do and send it back to A, and I want to tell A what list to put it on.

I am crossdoc-ing the task and list tables from A to B; both are synced. How can I create a to-do in A and send it to B with the matching list? Make sense?

I’m not positive on this without testing, but I think you could use an “ID” column that could be the Row ID for these options, then when you write these row id references back, you could have the column that needs to show the value use a formula to match the row.

Not sure what your use-case is here, so not sure if it’s worth the heavy lifting.

@BenLee here is my use case. I have built a to do manager for a team and they really like it. However loading it on mobile takes a long time and sometimes crashes. So I am wanting to make a separate doc that just allows them to add a task. So It just needs to know the possible ‘lists’ that the task can be added to, and then it needs to cross-doc that row to the parent ‘to do manager’ to the task table. Very simple

I set up a test and I have this working.

Make sure you have the column set as a lookup column to the table that exists in the same doc and make sure that the option to allow multiples is on. With allowing multiples off, the value shows as text, but with it on, the row values match up.

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