CrossDoc Row References / Lookups disconnect and break formulas & display 'is not a valid row reference' error

I use CrossDoc (CD) to maintain a single source of truth. I have my master TableDoc that has all of the Assets that go into Recipes. When I want to use recipes I’l CD in both Assets & Recipes into a NewDoc. I will set the [Asset] column in Recipes to be a lookup rom Assets, allowing formulas in any Recipes column to access all of the [Asset]'s attributes.

This works great! until it doesn’t. After being set up and working, randomly this functionality halts. Instead of returning an array from Assets for the [Asset] column, Coda returns 'is not a valid row reference' errors and the [Row].[Asset] doesn’t return an array value as usual. I can hack around this error by getting the text from [Row] with ToText() and Filter() of Assets, combined with a lookup column type:


Coda confirms the array match with the visible teal rounded rectangle around the [Asset]. This temporary solution works … unless Row is an array itself. I have tried to use WithName() and FormulaMap() and Sequence() to address this situation, and discovered another bug:

(the loop doesn’t process as expected unless I force the WithName value in with Concat(), this attempt at fixing this is for another post…)

Then in the middle of hacking on this, the functionality was restored:

I have now experienced this enough times across enough docs to document it and know that it’s a consistent bug - unless I’m doing something unconsciously to cause the condition. Any insight or help is welcomed! Thanks