CurrentValue issue

Hi there,
do you know the reason CurrentValue takes 2 different forms in the same formulamap?
It seems to me that the second CurrentValue is not returning anything at all, and filtering is not working.

Yes, this doesn’t work. It’s been discussed a lot, like here:

Filter() and filter-like formulas, ModifyRows() and AddOrModifyRow(), nested FormulaMap() will all overwrite CurrentValue with the one from the current context. Currently there’s no way to access CurrentValue from the outer context.

There are workarounds though, and often it’s possible to restructure the formula to get the desired result. Not so easy in your case though, if you want to have a live formula, but it can be implemented with either actions or an extra table.

I’ll try to think about some workaround, but it’s going to make my system more convoluted…