Custom CSS on published docs

TL;DR: As a junior power user, I want to be able to combine Coda table data and actions with my own custom HTML and CSS interface, so that I can have the No Code power of Coda with whatever interface I can imagine rather than being stuck with Coda’s default set of interface possibilities.

Currently, I can adjust the style, structure, and content of a Coda doc by using a browser extension like Stylus to change the CSS and Javascript. However, if I publish that doc, no one else will have that same experience. Now that one of my Coda docs is my personal [name].com website, I’d like to be able to customize the “website” to my liking beyond what a Coda doc has out of the can. Mostly to personalize the style. Many tools out there have a single “Custom CSS” text field where you can override the values of any CSS class or HTML element. Some even have a “Script” text field where you can add your own Javascript. I would love this.

I yearn to make the interface exactly what I want it to be. You can integrate Airtable to be the back-end for your Webflow website. I would love either to integrate my Coda docs with a DIY front-end tool like Webflow or Framer so that the data comes from Coda Tables and the buttons push Coda Buttons. I know this is advanced, power-user type stuff. But it seems to me that this community is full of that kind of maker. Coda is powerful for people with no app-making experience—that’s how I started! And lots of people in this community know actual programming languages and can do all sorts of wizardry with their docs. But I long for there to be a middle ground: I know some HTML and CSS and a tad of Javascript, but not enough to make my own Packs or do some real powerful stuff.

UPDATE: I’d love to be able to do things like this, but without having to learn how to turn HTML and CSS into an SVG. Or without it needing to be an SVG, but rather actual HTML, so that it’s responsive to screen sizes and such.


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Still needs more votes.