Merged cells, Custom CSS, and the other wild tips even I didn’t know! 😳

Without much fluff — here are some unbelievable Coda pro tips that I got to know just recently!

Featuring tips like:

  • Custom hotkeys, including a hotkey to merge table cells
  • A new /canvas building block and Custom HTML & CSS Block element
  • The fourth parameter to Sequence() that allows generating a list of dates
  • The File > Recalculate menu to control which formulas do/don’t recalculate automatically
  • And Custom CSS to set up doc themes, colors, fonts, and more!

So, I would love to see the ability to insert custom CSS. I currently achieve this with the help of a browser extension.

Hello Mr. Paul, I am super fan to all of your videos,
I got a ton of benefits, thank you and, please continue doing this amazing videos.

I followed the same steps that was mentioned in the video but these bellow↓ didn’t work!, could you please explain to me why.

Control/Command - Shift - M
it didn’t work!

Settings > Keyboard shortcuts (Create custom key bindings)
it is not exist!

HTML & CSS block
it is not exist!

Sequence(Today(), Today() + 6, 1, “day”)
it didn’t work!

Thanks again…

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Hey — sorry about that. Maybe you’ll get a better luck checking on those features on another day? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Strange, everything you mentioned worked perfectly fine on April 1, but not since then. Is this a bug?


For a split of a second I saw the Custom CSS and thought “man, I can’t believe this was there…” and then I remembered on which day we were.
Keep on with the great videos and the great mood too!


Alright, this one took longer than I hoped, but still…

What if I told you not all of this was a lie? :astonished:

An update / review: