Custom Domain links and some images don't work

Does anyone have a similar issue with custom domain? it’s at
My home page kinda works, however the header image doesn’t display, same for image later in the text.
Interestingly another image works.

Links to subpages don’t work, I get page not found.
When using coda generated publish link (not custom domain) everything works as expected.
Synesthesia Solutions

I checked multiple times with the DNS settings and everything seems to be set up properly including TXT record.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Andrzej_Dobrucki,

Do you mind opening a support ticket with us and sharing your doc so we can do some testing on this one? You can do that by clicking the “?” in the lower right-hand section of your doc, and then clicking “Get Support” at the bottom of the side panel! Looking forward to hearing back from you through those channels.


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