Custom formulas for column summaries

I have 2 scenarios where a custom formula would be beneficial:

  1. I have a checkbox column and I want to know how many Yes/True that I have.
    E.g. I am tracking a list of guests who have accepted an invite.
    I would think the “count” summary would work, but it simply returns the total # of rows. Sum doesn’t work because booleans are not being treated as 1’s and 0’s.
    I don’t want to filter my view to get the count of Trues. I just want to get it at the bottom while seeing the whole list.

  2. I am using Coda as a CRM. I am tracking our deals. and assigning probabilities to each deal based on the stage of the discussion.

Deal name | Expected Contract $ | Probability of close

What I’d like is a custom formula for the summary: sum([Expected Contract $]*[Probability of close])

I could make another column that multiplies the two and then sum that. But I don’t want to see that column, because those values don’t really mean anything real.

Hi @Nikil_Ragav :blush: ,

How about this :innocent:

The canvas formula for the Coming Total is simply this one :

Invitations.Filter([Coming ?]).Count()

or this if you prefer a table :blush:

You don’t need to :blush: … You can hide it and it will still do its job :blush: .


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