Customizable Column Data Formats on Table Views


When I’m on a Section which is defined by filtered views of master tables, I want to source column selectable items from only the values available in the views represented on that section. If I were to just populate from the master table there would be tons of irrelevant data I’d have to weed through. I would like to be able to customize the column selectable list items from any table for a view of a master table and those customized selectables only apply to that column on that view.

Today, if I create a column data format in a Table View of TableMaster like =View1ofTableMaster.Col3() and then I create another view of TableMaster and I want to source the selectable list items from =View2ofTableMaster.Col3() then the first column format is overwritten.


How is the select list in your master table currently populated? Not sure if this would solve your challenge, but I would store the list of selectable items in a different table and then each view built off of the master table would filter out the values you don’t need. In the example below, the select list in the “Employee” column would only show the names Pam and Dwight:


I believe this method will still result in the “Selectable Items” formula being added to all additional views of this master table, correct?


Correct. I understand the issue you are trying to solve. My thinking was that you would create individual tables where you can manually change the select list, but it sounds like you are sticking with the master table=>multiple views structure. I don’t this is doable right now given the bi-directional nature of tables and views, but if I think of anything I’ll let you know!


@Lane_Greer totally see what you’re looking for - in the current Coda parlance it sounds like you want to dynamically pass the filter predicate for a given View into a formula within a select list. Conceptually it could work by enhancing our ThisTable() namespace to reference the Table or View you’re looking at and return the subset of values based on the filter applied (currently ThisTable() accesses all rows from the source Table without considering filters etc.). This does create some infrastructure issues but definitely something we should look into!

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I actually fully solved this by using Master.Filter(mastercol=thisrow.childcol).masterrefcol


@Lane_Greer Can you share an example of what you did in Coda? Is this the formula you put the Select List of the view?


Uhh. It’s actually a ton easier to show than to explain