Pull Data from Two Tables in a Single View/Table?


I wanted to know if there was a way to pull data and display them together from multiple tables.

Here’s an example:

Table 1 Columns: (Computer, Model Year):
Mac | 2015
PC | 2017

Table 2 Columns: (User, Computer - formatted as "Lookup from Table 1):
Bob | Mac
Larry | PC

Is there a way to display, in table 2, the “Model Year” column automatically once I select “Computer” in a 3rd column?

I want table 2 to look like this, with the following columns: User (select from list), Computer (Lookup from Table 1), Model Year (automatically populate from Table 1):
Bob | Mac | 2015
Larry | PC | 2017

Thanks in advance. I’m learning more and more every day from this community!


I believe this post may relate to what you need: Can you do a conditional selection from one table to another?

I tried to do what you mentioned in the "Can you do a conditional selection . . . " link above, but was only able to make it work if BOTH columns were formatted as text. Maybe a bug?

I guess I left this part out previously, but I’m trying to make a column selectable from the master table. In the example you gave, the Itemname2 column (SecondaryTable) would be formatted as lookup from MasterTable, and the Color column (in MasterTable) is formatted as select from list. When I do that I just get “[ ]” or nothing (depending on whether I use the “First()” command).

You may be touching one of my biggest time sinks/gripes with Coda. Sometimes data looks like it should match but it does not because it is not being returned as the same data type.

One way to test this is to use the ToText() formula (https://coda.io/formulas#ToText) on the items you are looking to match. For example:

[Primary Table].Filter(ItemName1.ToText()=ItemName2.ToText()).Color.First()

If you have a table that you can share, that can also help with troubleshooting.

That did it! So “ToText()” converts from one data type to another?

It converts the data to a string. I would defer to another or the Coda team on delving deeper into that topic.

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When bringing data from source table into a master table, has anyone be able to bring the source table associated conditional formatting into the master table column containing the source table data?


The only luck I have had with that is by using a table view of the table containing the conditional formatting.

Hi @Benn_Bennett,

It sounds like you are looking for vlookup from the excel world. Please see this post:

I think this is what you are looking for.

Have fun.