Combining 2 different Columns from 2 different tables in a Lookup

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I would like to do a lookup from 2 different columns in 2 different tables.

So that when i add a new data inside the Incoming Letter Table i can select the From Column from both Suppliers and Clients.

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Hi Everyone any good tricks out there that can be used to do the above ?

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How do you make doc public without requiring guest to ask for permission to accesss the doc ?

I only know how to give access only when i know the person’s email address

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To answer your question — you can make a select list and write a formula for your list options that will combine items from two tables:

Depending on your needs, this may or may not be a good solution. Since this column now may contain items of not the same type (items from Suppliers and items from Clients are two separate types of data, it’s a different type per table), you don’t have strict typing from that column now and cannot, e.g., pull From.Name or From.Email without workarounds. E.g. see how this formula cannot dereference the name from a Client row:

You’ll need to introduce conditional logic for this to work, with a hidden _Deref() formula to explicitly tell Coda what column, Clients.Name or Suppliers.Name, to read from this reference:

So if you plan to pull more things from this linked data, consider redesigning your system so that both clients and suppliers are rows of the same table (i.e. objects of the same type).

However, if it’s simply to keep a link and perhaps do some aggregation back into clients/suppliers, this will work just fine as is. Aggregation would still work with no workarounds:


Thanks Paul for your help !
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