Retrieve all selectable items from a list column

How can I get all selectable items from the list column “Unit” in the Ingredients Table to the “Unit” column in the Order Date table?
Thanks so much.
Here is the Ingredients Table

And here’s the Order Date Table (sorry cause Coda don’t allow new member from using 2 images in the same post)

Dear @Chickland_Inc,

Just use a Lookup formula as I did in my use case in the screenshot below:

In this way all subjects (in your case ingredients) will be bullet-listed next to the related person (in your case the related item).

The Formula page will be for your kind reference.


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Thank you for your helps.
Maybe I don’t understand about formular that much but the solution I want is to get all selectable item from one column to another identical column in other table (it’s like copy and paste the exact column). So the new column I want to create is a select list which have all item from the old one , not a bullet list.
Is there any solution for that?

I think what you’re looking for is one list and then that list is referenced by both tables, the Ingredients Table and the Order Date Table. If I’m wrong, please say so and I’ll try again.

My approach would be to create a third table that is just Units. This can be a one column table that lists the units you will be using throughout the document. Then in your other two tables, change the column format to “Lookup from Table” and choose the Units table. This will give the same feature as the select list, but will refer to the new Units table for the values. If you change or add values in the new Units table, everything will transfer and change everywhere else in the document!

More on Lookups here:
Using Lookups

There is another option that might work where units added to one will auto-populate the other:
Add new values to select list or other table from row input

Again, if this is not what you’re looking to do, let me know and I’ll give it another try!