How to select property in a child table based on related row in parent table?

Hi, I was wondering what formula I should place for the above screenshot.

I want to input Units Column in the Recipe Ingredients table (child table) with the corresponding selection from the Ingredients table (parent table). The ‘Ingredient’ column from child table, lookups to the ‘Ingredient’ column from the parent table. Thanks

Hi @marcusqwj :blush: !

Without accessing the table, I can only guess what’s going on here so I won’t be able to be really precise (:innocent: ) but could you try this formula in your Recipe Ingredients > Units column :

Ingredients.Filter(Ingredient = thisRow.Ingredient.Ingredient).Unit

or maybe something like:


Something else you could try to potentially have your desired Units in your Recipe Ingredients table would be to Insert related column from your column Ingredient (still in your table Recipe Ingredients) as it looks like a LookUp column :blush:
To do so, you just need to : Right click on the Ingredient columnInsert related column Unit

Let me know if any of this helps :blush: … And if not, don’t hesitate to share screenshot of the formula in your Units column (or if you can, a sample/mock-up doc of the actual doc :wink: … That would be even better :blush: )


Thank you so much. Both methods works perfectly. Sorry for the lack of sample/mock-up as I’m not sure how to include a snapshot of it in a post.

The ‘related columns’ section under columns with Lookup type is exactly the feature I’m looking for. :smile:


No worries :wink: ! Sometimes intuitions are enough to solve a problem :wink: , at least, it seems that it was the case here :blush: !

I’m really glad to know you were able to make it work :raised_hands: !


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