How do you copy over 'select list' options from one table to another?

I have two tables, ‘Test Table’ and ‘Test Table 2’ as shown in the image below.

The first table, ‘Test Table’, has four values in ‘Column 2’ viz. a, b, c, and d; I am trying to pull the category values from ‘Test Table’ to ‘Test Table 2’.

I am using the following formula to do that, Test Table.Column2 but this formula shows the values used in ‘Test Table’ (Column 2) and not the values I’ve added to the ‘select list options’.

Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi there @Varun_Pai and Welcome to the Community :tada: !

As a quick solution, I would suggest you to convert your selectable items in your Test Table into a new table and use this new table in the selectable items of your Test Table 2 :blush: .


Glad to be a part of the community. Thanks for the welcome @Pch

So, this ‘Table 9 - Column 2’ is basically a ‘lookup table’ (or master table) that I can borrow values from? This is an interesting approach, makes a lot of sense given that all the values are upfront and more consumable; edits to this list can also give us information on who added/removed a value.

Would you suggest that I create this master table as a separate page and “hide” it, to keep things clean?

Hi @Varun_Pai ,
this depends very much on how you want to design the interaction of your application.
Usually those “features” - or lookup only - tables don’t need to be at hand, and there is no use to make them visible.
But again, it’s up to your overall concept.

The good thing is that you can chose to move them anytime you like :wink:


Thanks @Federico_Stefanato, yeah that makes a lot of sense. I think hiding the table is definitely the route I want to take.

I was hoping to avoid a lookup entirely, to keep things elegant, when I posted this question. But thanks again for the help you two! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now, how do I close this thread?

Yes, you’re perfectly right here :blush: !

You can if you want to :blush: . Depending on the purpose of your doc, your needs and how this table grows over time… This is entirely up to you :blush: !

Now, depending on the permissions you set up for your doc and the people you’re sharing it with, they might still be able to unhide that table :blush: .

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