Selectable Items from different columns in a table

Hello Everyone, is it possible to have different column names from a table as the selectable items in a control select list?

no - not really that would auto update when you add new columns/change column names etc- could you please tell us more what you are trying to do -possible there is another way to do it.

Thank you.

All my record on a table go through various steps of a process, when every step is complete a button is pressed an the date is registered in a column an the process changes to the next step. I have 13 steps.
I created a table that has all the months of the year and counts all the events, in this case i’m counting sales, i made a control that changes the year, but i want to instead of creating a table for every one of my steps which i want to count, just create a control that changes the step so i would be able to select which ever step i want to analyze.
Here is a image of the table

In this case on the formula, i’m making reference to the column from the table which has the sale date, but as i have made the control for the year i want to be able to select the step of the sale process through a control select
Here is an image of the formula for the month of january.

Thanks in advance for any comment

I would suggest you to create a column first which pulls down data from Contactos for a given year first. lets call it Related Contactos - formula would be something like Contactos.filter(Inventrios casas. Protipo = thisRow and Fetcha Escriturada.Year = Selector de Ano.value ) - this should have all the records from Contactos for a selected year. (sorry for the typos if there are any, i dont read/understand spanish)

then for each of the month the formula would be Related Contactos.filter(Fecha Esriturada.Month = <month number>).count() - once done you can hide Related Contactos column.