Customizable dashboard

Is it possible to customize the main view like having document snippets on the dashboard? That way I can have project milestones / plan etc on home page…

By dashboard do you mean the coda dashboard? This is possible to do within a Coda document. Create a new section and add only the details you need and move it as the first default section people land on. Share the doc and everyone sees the dashboard first

Thanks for your reply. Sounds cool. But what I mentioned is, we currently land on , where we the document list…however if we have something like where I see selected sections from multiple documents, project plan table, tasks table, latest meeting minutes, pro… like that… that could be an awesome project management home page… though, currently they can be inside a document…

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Visually, if we can convert it from a list view to grid view (similar to how the mobile app looks - it would better the flow)

Also - filtering by A-Z should be a must-have feature for users with a bunch of Codas.

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