Database entries are randomly missing?

Hey all. I’ve got a problem. My wife and I have been using Coda to track all of our financial data for the last two years or so. However, recently, database entries have started to… disappear? not appear? from time to time. In one browser, logged in and with all of the same exact filtering settings, a bunch of items just don’t show up. But then in a different browser or on my phone, they do.

I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies. I’ve tried loading in private mode. It just will not bring back the missing entries while in Chrome. But in Safari or on my phone, they’re there.

What gives??? This is very disturbing to me. All of the entries boxed in red are missing.

Edit: It does seem that the missing entries are all (or at least mostly?) ones that were entered utilizing a combination of the Coda API and Apple Shortcuts… but why the heck would that make them not appear?

Have you tried removing all filters and seeing if they are there?

I’m a dummy. Yup, removing all filters revealed that the way my shortcut was passing date information to Coda was just slightly off enough that Coda couldn’t figure it out. Fixing the way it’s passing date information makes them show up just fine.

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