Google Analytics confusion?

I’ve set up a google analytics account, gotten a UA-XXX tag and input it into but despite having a lot of traffic to my site I’m getting nothing showing up in GA, it says no traffic.

Is there a step I’m missing somewhere?

On your published doc, use dev tools to “view source” and search for your UA-XXX value. If it’s showing up, things should be set up alright, if it’s not showing in the source, we need to check settings.

Yep, I have done that and confirmed that it is showing up in the page. It’s just never making it to Google Analytics.

Do you have a link to the doc? And is it publicly viewable?

You can DM me if you don’t want to share the link publicly here.

Doc is here! Public Neurodiversity Support Center

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It’s strange you aren’t seeing any analytics coming through because the script is loading. If you’re seeing some analytics but not as much as you anticipated, I’m wondering if people are using blockers of some sort. But if you’re not seeing any analytics at all, I’m not sure where to start with troubleshooting because it looks like Coda is loading the code and the script is running on the page.

Yeah it’s zero traffic coming through. It’s weird.

One thing I’m considering doing is putting my site into a custom domain via an iframe embed, and then I could manage my own tokens on the outer page. That may be what I have to end up doing, if this isn’t working?

But it should be working, is the thing.

So it turns out that something did break and a fix will be in near the start of the new year. We have the fix set for it, but it won’t hit the servers til early next week.

Sorry for the run around, and thank you for running through the troubleshooting steps.

Awesome, thank you! Glad I’m not going crazy! :slight_smile:

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