Google Analytics Measurement

I am not able to find the Tracking ID for Google Analytics, it is now called Measurement ID and moved to be under Account > Property > Stream.

I used the Measurement ID in my published Coda document, but nothing is showing in GA.

Also, if I have multiple published documents, I can set only one Google Analytics Measurement ID in my Coda account, so this means GA will show data from all my published documents?

Hi there,

Measurement ID is the ID of the “new GA” called GA4.
This is different from GA Universal which has the UA ID.
If you enter a Measurement ID I doubt that it will work, because both use different tracking libraries.
If you want to create a new GA Universal property you need to click “show advanced options” and select “Create a Universal Analytics property” during the setup process.

Apart from that I have tested using a UA ID, but also there is no data comming in.
Maybe a bug.



Dear @Mohamed_Essam ,

Unfortunately I am not able to support you on this question, but you could:

  1. Update the #how-to-doc-show-and-tell-and-formulas to #ask-the-community, having a better chance somebody giving you direction.
  2. Write to to get technical advise.

If you get a solution, it would be great if you shared it to whom it might concern later on :handshake:

Same here - used UA and seen no data in the GA property

When using the same property to track Google Data Studio dashboards, everything worked fine.

Would appreciate it if we had a clear guide on how to track usage data in Google Analytics
You know the saying - what gets measured gets managed :smile: