Suggest supporting Fathom Analytics


First off, I am fairly new to Coda. I have used it in the past to implement an OKR system recommenced on the What Matters website. I am now building several pages for another project and I love the ability to use a custom domain and access the pages as though they were standard websites.

I would like to suggest Coda support using Fathom Analytics ( in addition to Google Analytics. To do this Coda would need to support embedding a small script like this:

or maybe do something like Google and just enter the data-site code.

I have noticed (and been annoyed by) the frequent cookie notices when I access one of my published pages, even when I have been there many times. Since the use of Fathom would not require a cookie notice (according to their website) the use of Fathom with Coda published pages could eliminate the cookie notice altogether.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

David Musselwhite