Database Input from Canvas

Hi guys when i Start with a new topic/Projekt i just write plain Text on the Canvas every thought is a new Block i can rearange them and grupe them but after this i want to ad those Blocks to my databases like “idear” to-do" or “questions” to process this even more but how ? Drag and drop from canvas to table is not possible and if i try to copy and paste all Blocks its just one row but i want every single block (line) to be a row. So the only way to get what i want is to copy them one by one but with 50 to 100 Blocks this is not fun . Automation doesnt work because it just works with rows. To Write direktly into database doesnt feel Good cause i want to lable my thoughts later and this disrupts my Workflow.
Do you have any idear how i can easy get many Blocks from canvas to table ?
How is your Workflow from mindstorm to aktion ?

Dear @Quigon,

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I am not aware that it’s possible to automatically move your content to tables.

My personal opinion is that Coda is a great tool to structure workflow in a consistent way, but when you are more on the side of research and development, I recommend to look around for a different kind of tool where you can outline and easy move around till you come to the point to be ready for entering it in Coda.

I am using workflowy with clients and it helps me a lot getting together a proper understanding processes and finding the shortcomings and missing elements.

With the latest updates at Coda, it became possible to move content, although when the volume is bigger, the overview remains a hurdle.

Altogether, pre-work will pay off in the long run.


You can try this template/hack to split canvas lists into separate table rows:

You still need to copy the full text into a cell, but the splitting is then done automatically.

The template above splits based on checklist items. It is possible to set up splitting by any other paragraph style (e.g. a header) but that’d require more work and knowledge of these things. If that’s what you need, perhaps I can update the sample with more options how to split.