Days between dates not adding up?

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Can anyone figure out what’s up here? “Total Days” is End Date - Start Date. I’m 4 days shy of an actual year of days. I recognize that that’s the same as the number of quarters, so it’s something to do with the first day of each quarter not counting or something?

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Yeah you are exactly right - One of the days is not counting simply because the “Total Days” column is a subtraction of two numbers.

Seen simply here:

You have a date span over an entire week (7 days) so you would hope that the “How many days” column would register 7. BUT it registers 6 because it it essentially doing:
7(*Saturday*) - 1(*Sunday*) = 6 days

Im guessing your “Total Days” column is subtraction, so you could just add a +1 to the formula


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Thank you! I thought about just adding the +1 but wanted to make sure I was barking up the right tree first. Thanks for your help!

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