Delete version history when creating a template

How do I get rid of the version history? I’d like to remove rows from my data source and then create a template. However, the template contains history which included the rows that I deleted and don’t intend to share.

Any way to delete the version history? Or start a new doc without the version history?

Making a copy of a doc should clear doc history. You can make a copy of your doc and then create a template out of that.

However, I believe making a template out of a doc should also clear doc history. If this doesn’t happen, this is probably a bug and you should report it to Coda.

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@Paul_Danyliuk, @Ed_Wei

I wonder if you guys use the same meaning for the word template:

  • Coda definition of a template, or
  • A doc that can be reused over and over again.


@Paul_Danyliuk it’s not exactly a Coda bug but this workflow will catch people by surprise and potentially leak sensitive information into the public.

To repro:

  1. Work on real data in a document.
  2. Decide that you want to convert this document into a template.
  3. Select “Make doc into a template.”
  4. In the template preview, you delete the real data.
  5. You hit publish template.
  6. Everyone with the template can see the version history from the moment you said “Make doc into a template”.

The way to work around this is convoluted:

  1. Make an intermediate copy of the doc.
  2. Delete the real data.
  3. “Make doc into template”
  4. Delete the intermediate copy of the doc that was used to create the template.

I think Coda should wipe out the version history either at publish time (preferred) or enable a manual user option to wipe the history.

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