Templates include hidden history?

I have a template that I created by copying a long-running doc (Doc A) and ripping out many unused pieces. The resultant template (Doc B) is pretty simple, 3 base tables, 2 views, 1 button and 1 rule. The tables are all empty and they have only a handful of columns, at most. There are only 73 words and 0 media.

I even tried creating a copy of the template Doc B before creating the template from the copy (Doc C), however when I create the template from Doc C and try to insert it into another doc (Doc D), a popup warns me that the template is over 2mb and it may have performance problems.

When I view the statistics of Doc C, it reports only the simple statistics I mentioned, but it does show version as 162, which is the same as the original complicated source document. When I view the history of this document, it says it is the first version.

It appears that somehow the template is either directly including the full history of the source doc or has a bug in calculating its size.

Just an update on this - the problem went away today. I tried using the template again while discussing with Support, and the warning is no longer there. Seems to have been some temporary caching issue perhaps.

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Hi Ed, Sorry for the trouble you experienced here and glad it’s been resolved! Did you end up trying to insert the template anyways after the warning showed up? There is a bit of a delay between when you make changes and when they are snapshotted in the document, and given that you made a lot of deletion changes to downsize the template from the original doc, it’s possible that you were caught up in that time. Do you also happen to know how long it was before it resolved itself? it shouldn’t have been more than several minutes.

@SpencerChang thanks for responding. I did not try to insert the template, as I was using a production doc and didn’t want to cause problems. It did not resolve in several minutes. I was playing with it for at least around 15-30 minutes before I moved to another task. I did not try it again until the next day, at which time the message no longer appeared. Sorry I don’t have more specific info than that.