Deleted file disappeared from the 'Deleted' in a short time. I need it back

Hey everyone!
I have deleted 10-20 days ago one doc I need an access to right now.

  1. Why it disappeared so fast from the bin?
  2. How I can restore it? I would be grateful very much!


Hi @Igu_Riku and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

As far as I know, deleted docs stays in the trash for 7 days… after that, they’re are permanently deleted :confused: : See the excerpt → here

And I sadly don’t think it can be restored :confused:

Hey! Thanks <3

Oiii, I didn’t know about such a small duration for the trash.
And yeah, pretty sad it can’t be restored.

Thank you for your answer and for such speedy reply.

Best wishes!

My pleasure :blush: !

Sorry to be the “bringer of bad news” in this case though :pensive: !

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