Detail view - Clicking into and expanding large text field

In Detail view, I have several tables in which each item has one very long text field - long enough that the top and bottom of the text box don’t fit onto my screen at the same time.

SUGGESTION #1: Clicking into a cell
When I click on the text to edit or add, it places the cursor at the very end of the text field, which is sometimes out of view. A second click places the cursor in the clicked location.

The desired behaviour is that when a cell containing text is clicked, the cursor is placed on the line and location that is clicked.

SUGGESTION #2: Fully opening a cell
A related item is opening the text field for full editing. Currently, this requires scrolling to the bottom of the text box, clicking into it, and then clicking the gray circle with two arrows to expand. (Or clicking into the textbox and using the keyboard shortcut).

Suggestions on expansion: For text format cells, the gray expansion link could appear on hover, without needing to first click into the cell. The link could also appear in the top right corner instead of the bottom right corner, as the top corner is more likely to be the one in sight when the cell is selected. Or, for text cells over a certain length, it could be in both places.

Pressing Enter also exits out of the cell, rather than adding a new line. Trying to learn the Alt + Enter, but it’s a slow process.

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