Different instances for a pack

I am creating the Make (Integromat) pack and have a question about different instances.

The URLs that need to be called are different depending on where you live:

  • In the USA it is: www.us1.make.com
  • In the EU it is: www.eu1.make.com

Whats the best way to handle for these differences in packs? The two thoughts I have are:

  1. Create two different packs - One for each instance
  2. Have the part before the make.com (eu1 vs. us1) be a parameter that is in every formula and sync table.

Whats the best route here?

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Thought about this as well. First — does addNetworkDomain allow setting it up on a top-level make.com?

I’d personally go the third way and add this as an auth parameter. There’s apparently even a nice interface on it now (haven’t tried it myself):


+1 to @Paul_Danyliuk’s suggestion, this sounds like a good candidate for the account-specific endpoints feature he mentioned. In addition to the user-selection option he linked to, there is also an option where the user enter’s their URL manually:

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Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

Started working on this myself but in an effort to make a more general Webhook Button. Came across the same problem of needing multiple domains. Ironically my original use case is Make as well and while building I found that simply using make.com in AddNetworkDomain worked, I haven’t tested but I assume that would mean any subdomain used in the webhook URL would still pass.

Side note, was able to use this - Authentication - Coda Pack SDK which allows me to define multiple API Urls which then all get added to the NetworkDomains list. Super wonky and not user friendly but in the end allows for multiple domains in a single pack. Tested with Make and Zapier accounts and it works. (with errors, but it works :smile: )

I ended up getting it working!

Curious though - what errors was it throwing you?

Unrelated to the domain issues, something about null formulas, I have a total of five minutes working with packs so I’m sure it’s a quick fix. What was your fix ultimately? Not in love with my hackey API path solution.