Dynamic Network Domain


Is there a way to make pack.addNetworkDomain("example.com"); dynamic? I wanted to create and reuse a pack that can use different domains.


Is it the same domain but different subdomains? Or completely different domains?

Depending on the answer you can take a look at Authentication - Coda Pack SDK

If you mean define the networkDomain at runtime, no. You can reach out for special permission to access a defined set of domains, but can’t make it dynamic.

(I agree this would be cool, for example to trigger arbitrary web hooks; but for now you have to make a Pack per domain)

@Leandro_Zubrezki: I would like to pass a completely different domains.

@Nick_HE: Yes, I would like to define the networkDomain at runtime.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I have no other option but to create a pack per domain for now.

The other option would be to proxy it all through a single server you set up. So that Pack always talks to your server, and your server reaches out to whatever other endpoint you want.

Pack users in this case may be a bit skeptical about security, and rightly so (that’s kind of the reason behind the domain restrictions - preventing syphoning of user data)


Thanks. I decided to use lambda with custom authorizer.

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Actually, Coda will work with you as mentioned by @Nick_HE.

I predicted this would be a problem during beta - but perhaps it’s not a huge demand.

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I think just for a fixed set of domains though; not sure if they would allow complete wildcard

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