Display Filter - "Contains" a list option


Does anyone know how to filter a table to show only rows where it “contains” one of the clickable options? I’m running into problems because I have a row with multiple options for “status”, and often the row has more than one option.

For example, I have 3 rows with the following columns: person, favorite fruit. The “favorite fruit” column is formatted as “select list” with multiple entries checked so you can only choose “apple”, “orange”, or “banana”, or any combination thereof:

  1. Bob | Apple
  2. Suzy | Apple, Banana
  3. Joe | Orange

I want to filter a table view to show all the people who like Apples. I know you can use the “or” function to filter based on “apple” or “apple, banana”, but that’s not very scaleable if I start adding more fruits to the master table. Any idea if there’s a “list contains” function or something similar?


Actually, nevermind everybody! I just found the “contains” function. Fixed my own problem!