Filter a multi-select column by a multi-select control?


In reference to @harisiva 's comments and linked doc in this post: Filtering a table using a select list, but wanting an "All" option

Is it possible to filter a table on a multi-select column using a multi-select control? None of my attempts are functional enough to even post here, but here’s a screenshot of what I’m trying to do:

“MultiFruitMultiSelect” is the control name.


@Ander - what would you want the results to be here say you chose Apple + Banana in the control. Should it show all rows that have Apple or Banana or Apple and Banana Only or Contain Apple and Banana.

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@mallika All rows that contain apple or banana.
In the screenshot, that would be rows 2,3,4,5.


Hmm, that works from me - can you share your multiselect (column and control) setup please.

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Fixed, thanks.

The control was pulling from [Fruits - 2] instead of from [Fruits - multi].

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