Display latest 3 items

We’re using Coda to store the list of completed projects.
I want to highlight the last 3 on the homepage as cards. When a new project is completed, it should appear in the top 3 and bump one of the older ones.

  • How do I limit the number of cards displayed to 3?
  • Can I use Last Modified timestamp (should be system-generated) instead of Date Completed (manually tracked).

:wave: Hey there!

You definitely can. They key to understanding this type of workflow are the formulas slice and sort.

You can do a formula like this inside the filter settings of the table:

thisRow.in(originalTable.Sort(false, sortBy: OriginalTable.Modified).slice(1,3))

Essentially what this is saying is:

Hey Coda, only show a row in this table/view IF that row happens to be in a list of the most recent three modified rows of the base table

Here’s a quick screenshot of it working!
Let me know if you have any other questions

Here’s some documentation on those formulas to understand better how they work